So you’ve been training with us for six weeks now, and I think it’s time to introduce our first program of the season. Welcome to 22-22 It! This group of workouts will be spread across four weeks with frequencies that are five days per week – but each session focuses on different equipment or tempos […]

How to Get The Best Of Your Personal Training Session?

Personal training sessions can get down the drain real quick if you don’t follow them with the right consistency and discipline, the key elements to an effective session. Imagine saving your hard-earned money for a health and fitness center subscription and becoming unable to actually extract the best from it. If you are looking towards […]

5 Best Exercises that can Change your Lifestyle

Fitness is the latest trend, and everyone is jumping on this bandwagon. However, it is one trend that we support and endorse since becoming physically fit not only makes you look more attractive. It also boosts your overall well-being. Regular workouts and exercises can enhance your mental and physical health by uplifting your mood and […]

How to Get Ready for Your Next Hiit Training

If you want to lose weight quickly, get some actual, visible results in a short time, High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is the best for you. Life doesn’t come with shortcuts, and it is a common belief that shortcuts that don’t involve any conscious effort usually do more harm than good for the user. In […]

Going Back to The Gym, Safely

News about gyms and health centers opening up have got many gym goers excited. But is it fully safe to go back to the gym? When it comes to safety gym owners and members have to work together. To ensure your safety in the gym during the coronavirus era, experts have advised on the following […]

How to Survive Your First Week Back at The Gym

The past few months we were all forced to self-isolate and spend a lot of time at home. Fitness was restricted on daily walks, Instagram live and Zoom classes. Shorter exercise periods, lower intensity and minimal equipment. Many of us also have spent this time sedentarily, lack of movement and adopted different habits from when […]

15 Ways to Make Your Daily Walk Feel More Like a Workout

Can you walk your way to fitness? Certainly, you can! Physical activity does not have to be complicated, science shows that placing one foot in front of the other leads to an impressive mental and physical benefits. Here’s how you can make your daily walks more like a workout. Start with wearing the right shoes. […]


In today’s modern fitness industry, there is a broad spectrum of equipment, tools, and devices that can have a significant impact on your fitness goals. Moreover, there are certain innovations on the market that have become increasingly popular these days. And of those devices are the so-called fitness trackers. However, there is a broad debate […]


The modern fitness world strongly promotes the benefits of exercise intensity. Moreover, many fitness enthusiasts ask the ultimate questions such as; what is the most effective intensity for good recovery? Others are focused on the best intensity that can burn the visceral fat and that can result in a weight loss. These are also many […]