How to Improve Mental Health Quickly

Everyone’s looking for some quick fix to their problems, and mental health tends to be one of them. The lows and highs in moods and the recurrent attacks of anxiety are more likely to intervene in your productivity, causing you to burn out and get all angst up. But see, that’s not the place you belong to – you deserve to take yourself out from the mess as soon as possible, and when you come to think of it, it’s actually something possible. Let’s see how:

Healthy Distractions

It’s alright to distract yourself when a thought becomes too nerve-wracking in a situation where you ought to perform at your best. Now, we do not usually advocate the idea of pushing things to the boundary and not addressing what really is hurting inside, but in some situations, you don’t have the time to clean up the emotional mess that goes on with the trail of thoughts that follow with doing so. So, a healthy thing to do at that instant would be to replace that negative thought with something positive.

Let’s see anxiety, for example. Most people get into the symptoms by overthinking about a particular thing that disturbs them. One quick fix would be to stop there and divert your attention to the present things around you. We love the technique of downward counting and figuring out the things of the same colors around. It actually helps the mind to get into a relaxed mode, a major emergency pill you can take in times of distress.

Call a Friend

Isolation can leave you thinking too much about a situation that can make you feel helpless and depressed. Talking to someone with whom you feel even a little bit comfortable having a laugh can make a major difference in your current mood level. Try to talk about a post your friend has shared on their social media account, or just try to engage in a healthy conversation where you two ask each other about their wellbeing. Try to be as empathetic as you can. This will pretty much shift your focus from your problems to theirs, and it might make you feel better about yourself.

The human bond holds a huge significance in one’s life. These are the moments we share, the hurts, and the laughs that make us strongly intertwined with one another, and this is the support we need to carry on with our lives in moments of excruciating pain and dismay. When we have one another, we don’t feel alone to be in our mess. Though the problem doesn’t get solved, it becomes much easier to tolerate.

Show some Extra Love

These are the moments where you need to show some extra courage – the courage to love yourself and the courage to be kind. You will note that on days when something painful shreds off our ability to be compassionate towards others, we enter a downward spiral of frustration. Nothing good comes out of shouting at the people we love or avoiding the call of your loved ones.

The best way to deal with such moments is to show some extra courage to be kinder than you are in your normal days – not only to others around you but to yourself too. Take a break from work, go out and have a cheat day if you were on a diet, unwind yourself, and release yourself from the tyranny of following a robotic life. You deserve lots of love and affection rather than being hard on yourself for nothing. So, feel no shame in wanting to want your peace and happiness at such times as it can save you from a lot worse. 

Do Something Unusual

When your brain is wired to perform certain tasks on a habit, it doesn’t pay much heed to process the tasks when they come up. That paves the way for other thoughts to arise and make our minds involved in such stuff. In such situations, it is quite likely to overthink about a certain situation and create some negative scenarios in our head automatically. So, the key here will be to do something out of the ordinary and make your mind engaged in it as much as it can be.

Do something that makes you go out of your comfort zone. For example, if you rarely book your appointments through calls, you can try doing it whenever you find yourself in a mental health situation such as depression. Unless you have social anxiety, planning something like that can actually do you a lot of good. Don’t try to get into the habit of avoiding everything just because you don’t “feel like it.” It is never a bad idea to take risks and do some good adventures. Now is the time to actually feel life to its fullest instead of taking the back seat.

The Takeaways

  • Distracting can be essential sometimes. You never know the power of a healthy distraction until you have applied it.
  • Call a friend or a colleague you can share a few laughs and hurts with. It’s never an extra thing to do. Even a minute of a conversation can lay a huge positive impact on your mental health.
  • Be courageous enough to be kind to others and especially to yourself. When you try to show some warmth and love to yourself and to others around you, you feel instant relief from the agony you might be feeling from being in a mental health situation.
  • It is never a good time to be hard on yourself, and it becomes even more condemnable when you are in a negative mental health situation. Be polite to yourself; the world is already enough of a critic.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Go on an adventure or do something that you normally won’t

Final Words

These were some of the ways you can take yourself out of a negative situation instantly. We hope this article was helpful for those looking for some effective quick fixes for mental health problems.

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