In today’s modern fitness industry, there is a broad spectrum of equipment, tools, and devices that can have a significant impact on your fitness goals. Moreover, there are certain innovations on the market that have become increasingly popular these days. And of those devices are the so-called fitness trackers. However, there is a broad debate about how effective are fitness trackers. Therefore, in this article, we will analyze and compare fitness trackers.

A Fitness Tracker Comparison Analysis .
To obtain a better understanding of fitness tracker, it is imperative to analyze this revolutionary concept. On that note, it is important to emphasize that there are two basic heart rate monitor designs.The chest strap rate heart rate tracker and the wristwatch heart rate tracker.

Chest Strap vs. Wristwatch Style
Both types can be a valuable asset and both can offer a solid sound quality. However, there are some differences between the two models. For example, chest straps use an electrical pulse to read your heart rate. In comparison, the wristwatch fitness tracker is based on optical technology that collects data from your body. To be more specific, the difference he is that the chest strap heart rate monitor measures your pulse via electrical signals. Then it sends that collected data to a connected device, such as your smartphone. And the wrist-based model is based on optical heart rate sensors that can detect the blood pulse.

Reliability and Durability

One of the main aspects of comparison between the two models is their reliability. On that note, it is important to emphasize that chest straps are more reliable. This is based on the fact that these gadgets are placed closer to the heart.  In the same time, the chest straps are more durable due to their simple old school design based on watch batteries. This is a significant advantage as the chest wraps can outlive any optical heart watch on today’s market. Therefore, the chest straps are generally more reliable and durable.
On the other hand, the heart rate watches sometimes have issues with accuracy, especially when it comes to detecting rapid heart rate.
Nevertheless, this does not mean that the wrist model is not reliable or not durable.

Comfort and Convenience

The chest straps are generally not very comfortable. Moreover, they are most beneficial for short term workouts regarding the comfort element. On the other hand, the wrist-based heart rate monitors are considered to be a more convenient choice for more extended training sessions. Besides the fact that they are a bit more expensive than chest straps, the optical model is generally more convenient. It is ideal for outdoor use and can be valuable for prolonger workouts without causing any negative discomfort.

The Bottom Line

All in all, both models have some pros and cons. And their effectiveness has been debated in the past. However, the reality is that both types can help you to improve your performance in the gym or while running. These revolutionary innovations can be a valuable tool in the process of reaching new fitness levels.

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