Ok Let me be clear , if you sign up for this one it won’t be similar to the workouts where you have time to grab water or wipe your face.
This is your heartbeat under your feet and you constantly doing Lunges looking for oxygen.
If you’re an athlete or have the desire to train like one have a good nights sleep before hitting this session; because this session will make your body wake up like no coffee has done before.
The sentence “ are we done yet ?” will be racing through your mind during the entire session but once you’re done you will feel like you climbed Everest because you did it !!!
Next time you will want to grab a friend !!!

Class Details:

  • Class Date : 09/26/2021
  • Start Time : 6:00 AM
  • Class Length : 45Min.
  • Type : Hydrid
  • Intensity : 15/15
  • Equipment : yes
  • Timer : Yes
  • Notes :
  • Be on time . clean up after the workout
Group wise exercise
Workout Details
Group Name Group Notes Exercises Tempo Sets
Hi There Push-Ups 25 4
skip Jumps 50
High Plank Jack 25
Climber 50
Still here Offset single arm Dumbell overhead Static Lunges 5x5 3
Dumbbell ALT.Snatches 5x5
Butterfly situps 25
Single Dumbbell Jacks 25
You Got This Burpees 12
tuck Jumps 12
shoot-trough 12
Eblow Plank 45 sec
Almost there Dumbbell Elevated Squats 20 3
Squat Pause 30 sec
Dumbbell Elevated Squats Pulse +1 up to 10

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April 3rd

10:07 AM
Wednesday 31 Mar
Visit of the Louvre
Difficulty level 7-8

10:07 PM
Wednesday 1 Apr 2021

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