This workout is not for the faint-hearted. With long sequences and high intensity, your fitness ability will be put to test as you challenge every aspect of yourself with this warring session on rowing machines! If you’re looking for a true challenge start here – it’ll have both stamina AND conditioning challenges in which can see if someone’s fit enough or not depending how they do after finishing up these 20 exercises back-to-back .

Class Details:
  • The Absolute Rowing Concept

  • Class Date : 06/08/2021
  • Start Time : 6:00 AM
  • Class Length : 44Min.
  • Type : Hydrid
  • Intensity : 15/15
  • Equipment : yes
  • Timer : Yes
  • Notes :
  • Be Prepared
Group wise exercise
Workout Details
Group Name Group Notes Exercises Tempo Sets
The Absolute Rowing Concept Elbow Plank 2
Double Foot Climbers
Dumbbell Jumping Jacks
Dumbbell Burpee
On Plate Dumbbells ground Touch .
Frog Jump Shuffle Back
Plate OH - High Knee .
Kettlebell Burpee .
Plate Squat Press .
Kneeling Jump Squats .
Dumbbell Deadlift Intro Squats
Plate Situps
Medicine Ball March
Barbell Rollout / Ab Wheel .
Medicine Ball Jump 180.
Triceps Push Ups .
Plate OverHead reverse Lunges .
Plate Slow Scissors .


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