When you step into the workout world of Upperabs, things quickly get intense. We’ll put you through an explosive 45-minute class with challenging exercises and workouts designed to make every muscle group in your upper body scream for mercy. Circuit training is one of our favorite forms of instruction to keep everything energized and keep your metabolism elevated. You won’t be relegated to just doing crunches: we’ve got tons of different exercises that will chisel out every corner and curve of your torso while giving all members a run for their money. What do we mean by “running”? Quite literally—we want everyone sweaty by the time this workout is over so they can feel what it’s like when all those movement patterns start firing on all cylinders

Class Details:

  • Class Date : 12/21/2021
  • Start Time : 6:00 AM
  • Class Length : 45Min.
  • Type : Yes
  • Intensity : 13/15
  • Equipment : yes
  • Timer : Yes
  • Notes :
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Group wise exercise
Workout Details
Group Name Group Notes Exercises Tempo Sets
The Go Heavy Plate Group Touch -- 4
Plate Sit-ups --
Ab Work #1 Reverse Plank Hold -- 4
Reverse Plank Kick --
First Combo Big Barbell Shoulder Press -- 4
Big Barbell Upright Row / Kettlebell --
Medicine Ball Windshield Wipers --
Ab Work #2 Low Ab Crunches --
Push-up Pulse Combo 1.2.3...
Plank Toe Touch
Second Combo Small Barbell Biceps Curl -- 3
Big Barbell Bent Over Row --
Small Barbell Reverse Curl --
Big Barbell Push Up Slide Left --
Big Barbell Push Up Slide Left --
Dumbbell Upright Row - Lateral Raise --
Dumbbell Reverse Fly --


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