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When it comes to training, everyone has a story. Whether it’s how awful their first step through a push up was or simply how trying to start that life changing fitness journey has been. To each of my clients I stand by this, as a fitness trainer you don’t train anyone unless they allow you to train them. It’s a process that requires trust and healthy communication with good guidance. Here they express themselves and they share how they became passionate, while building a better version of themselves. Here they tell their stories. My passion, Their stories.

— Coach Zack ! —

Ahmad Al Qallaf

What does it mean to you?

6AM is my family, community and a sense of belonging. I only saw this effect in crossfit classes. If you look at the labels people have for gym members 1- 6AM 2- crossfit That’s it no other label there

How did it affect your life?

With 6AM my day starts full of energy and great mental health. Another thing that’s so great about 6AM you get to tick the workout out of your schedule before starting your day.

What do you like most about it?

The effort that my couch put in it from planning and listening to us and cater the class according to our progress.
No other time slot can do that because members change in other times but 6AM 95% are same members.
Another factor about 6AM it forces me to plan my sleep so I sleep and get full rest for the class. Which hits 2 birds with 1 stone sleep and workout. On the other hand, If it was mid day doesn’t matter how you sleep because you starting your day then overdose on caffeine to stay up and later you workout which means you won’t really benefit 100% because of this lack of sleep

What inspires you to keep coming every morning?

The consistency it gives me. If I decided to workout mid day many things can come up that might disrupt gym time. But 6AM, you workout before the day starts which normally nothing can disrupt it unless a natural disaster or oversleeping.

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