Going Back to The Gym, Safely

News about gyms and health centers opening up have got many gym goers excited. But is it fully safe to go back to the gym?

When it comes to safety gym owners and members have to work together.

To ensure your safety in the gym during the coronavirus era, experts have advised on the following tips.



A distance of at least 2 meters should be maintained between you and other people. Making sure that your gym has re-organized the space and equipped to manage that 2 meters distance and enforcing all the safety instructions given by the government.


Face Mask

Wear your face mask during your workout if you can. Even though it does represent a challenge to work out with a mask, choosing an effective mask that you’re comfortable wearing and breathing through will make it less challenging. Face coverings protects those around you in case you are carrying the virus and don’t know about it.



Wash your hands or sanitize them before you enter the gym. Disinfect the surfaces, machines and equipment before and after using them. The gym space should be equipped and stocked with disinfectant spray bottles and clean cloths and wipes for sanitizing surfaces. When spraying a disinfectant, give it some time to kill the germs before wiping. Also avoid touching your mouth and eyes during your time in the gym.


Personal Kit

To be on the safe side and to reduce your exposure to the virus and stuff other people are using in the gym, bring your own personal kit. This should include your water bottle, towel and mat. If you have other light equipment that you can carry with you to the gym such as Jump Rope and Resistance Bands bring them along as these tools are a bit harder to disinfect. Click here to get your own AlphaSport Bands.


Limited Number of People

If you’re joining a group fitness class, make sure that the class has limited number of participants. The less people the less the exposure. Your gym should have minimized class size and is following a protocol regarding equipment use.


Plan Ahead

Before the pandemic it used to be acceptable to wonder around the gym, wait for other people until they finish using some machines as well as talking and socializing with other people. During this time, you would want to minimize your time spent in the gym. Go in with a plan and know what equipment you’ll need to use. Try to be flexible, if the area you want to use has so many people you can use another area with less people.


Shower At Home

It’s best to have a shower when you go back home rather than using the bathroom used by so many other people in the gym. This will reduce your exposure to any germs from other people.


Don’t Settle

If you’re feeling uncomfortable because other people in the gym are not following the protocol or your gym is not applying all the rules and instructions provided by the government, don’t be afraid to speak up or change the area or your gym. Safety comes first.

In the end, your safety is your decision as you cannot rely on the gym for everything. Taking precautions will minimize your exposure and will keep you and others safe.

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