How to Survive Your First Week Back at The Gym

The past few months we were all forced to self-isolate and spend a lot of time at home. Fitness was restricted on daily walks, Instagram live and Zoom classes. Shorter exercise periods, lower intensity and minimal equipment. Many of us also have spent this time sedentarily, lack of movement and adopted different habits from when life was going on normally. Now that gyms are reopening, gym-goers and fitness enthusiast are looking forward to go back to the gym. But it is very important to understand how to ease ourselves back to exercising like we used to. In this article, we will showcase few tips for you on how to survive your first week back at the gym with confidence and to avoid any injuries.


Resetting Your Fitness Goals



After massive change in our daily routines, it’s important to become realistic when it’s coming to our fitness goals. We can start with eliminating any bad habits that have slid into our lives in the past few months. Then moving to setting a realistic and specific goal that we want to achieve on a specific date, writing it down on a piece of paper and tracking the progress will help in getting back to pre-lockdown shape and fitness level.


Starting Slow and Steady



Getting back to the gym is exciting, especially meeting our gym buddies after a long time. We might get too excited that we start the workout on high energy and effort that we might not be able to sustain until the end of the workout and get tired too fast. Therefore, let’s keep in mind starting the workout slow then picking up a steady pace will help us maintain a good level of energy to finish the workout. Warmup and cool down routines are very effective in preparing our bodies to exercise, which can be 10-15 minutes before and after the workout. It’s important to start gradually and train our lungs and muscles to get back to movement in a healthy way.


Focusing on Form and Technique



Before we go straight to the high weights we’re used to lifting and the heavy equipment we love using at the gym, we must start with making sure we’ve got the correct form and technique. Our bodies might not be ready just yet to lift heavy, so let’s start with lesser weights or just bodyweight and focus more on the technique itself for the first couple of weeks back at the gym. Focusing on enhancing our endurance and form then gradually adding weights will reduce the risk on getting any sort of injury that might result from fatigue or weak posture.


Choosing a Workout You Enjoy



When we go back to the gym after many months, we might find that our motivation has weakened. One way to get around this is to pick a workout or a style of training that we find enjoyable. This will keep us motivated and boost our commitment to go the gym. Let’s start from there and then pick up different styles along the way.


Breaks and Recovery



Listening to our bodies, slowing down and taking breaks when necessary is very important during a workout. As well as taking a day off every now and then is better that pushing too hard, which might result in an injury or getting too fatigued that we will need long breaks of a week or two. Taking care of ourselves during downtime has a significant impact on our fitness level and progression. Proper nutrition, sufficient and quality sleep are important elements to keep in mind when going back to training and exercising at the gym.

To sum up, nothing can describe the feeling of training, getting in shape and achieving our fitness goals. Keeping in mind the above tips, we will see a faster and healthier approach to keep moving and going to the gym regularly.

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